Friday, February 28, 2014

New Release - 02-28-14 - 2 New Prefabs!

Someone told me today I am obsessed with Radio stations, Theatres and Offices. They're probably right because i have been working on new prefabs of each of those types. 2 of which are now ready!

Boo's Corporate Radio Station

Comes in both Furnished and unfurnished versions. The building itself is only 58 Land Impact. With all furnishings it uses 282. Furniture is animated, doors are scripted to open/close on touch. Footprint is 30x30

Sells for 1000L

Also, if you want a custom sign made, I can do that! Let me know what your call letters are in a notecard (with your purchase information) and I'll be happy to throw it together for you! 

Here are a few more pictures

Boo's Office Building V3

This two story building is only 64 Land Impact, with scripted doors and lights. Lots of office space and a large lobby area. 

30x20 footprint


Here are a few more pictures

Both buildings are Modify/Copy and can be viewed now at my Prefab Rez area!

Come give them a peek! And don't forget VIP members save 15% on all prefabs!

Another new product release coming on Saturday March 1st! Keep your eyes peeled



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Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Product Release - Feb 22 2014 - Boo's Rug V3

Our best selling Rug product just got better! Rebuilt, Reconfigured and Reborn! Come check them out!

New Animations, Better menu options, newly configured and a Mesh rug that looks like a rug! On top of all this everything you loved about the original is still here!

Relax on your own, hang out with some friends, spend quality intimate time with your partner or even get adventurous and invite a 3rd party to join in! Single, Friends, Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl and Threesome menus (MMF, MFF, FFF)

The rug includes 268* of the best quality animations. No static poses, no filler animations you will never use. Nothing but the same great quality you expect in a Boo's Menu.

Unlike some other sex furniture on the market, our menus are set up in a progression, so the animation that comes next will always compliment the animation that came before. Enjoy as the intimacy with you and your partner leads somewhere visually rather than have animations listed erratically. Menus like this make sense to us, and we hope they will make sense to you!


11 Land Impact

* Unisex Version - 2000L

Lesbian Version 1600L (162 Animations)

11 Land Impact



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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Return of the Prefabs - 02-09-14 New Releases!

Some of you might remember there was a time I experimented with building some prefabs. They were actually pretty good sellers for me for a short time, but when mesh was added to Second Life, my sales dropped do to the heavier prim count of my builds. So I retired them to save some space at my store

For the last couple months I have been experimenting with bringing them back at a lower prim count, doing a bit of exporting from second life and importing as mesh, and in the process I pretty much re-built and in some cases redesigned all of them. Almost all of them have been re textured as well and you should find I have gotten much better at using the Planar option to get them to all line up right!

So I am pleased to re-release them for sale and add prefabs back to the Boo's product line up!

Boo's Adult Club 2

This one was my best seller and one of the first I worked on. It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and after so many requests I added a room to the second floor rather than just have it as a bridge between the first and third.

I cut the prim count of the building in half. The old one was 120 prims, this one comes in at 60 Land Impact (not including furnishings)

Furniture included - Client Chairs & Wall posters (modifiable)

Approximate Footprint - 30 x 20

Modify/Copy - Sells for 1000L

Boo's Radio Station

The second building I rebuilt from the ground up, adding some separate rooms and new furniture to the mix. This new version could double as a recording studio

Cut the prim count down of the building by 35 and it only comes in at 27 Land Impact (not including furniture)

Furniture included - DJ Station, Conference table and chairs, Reception Desk, Lobby Couches, Office set (desk, chairs, file cabinet) and some wall art.

Approximate Footprint - 20x20

Modify/Copy - Sells fro 750L

Boo's Bank of SL

This re-build of my popular lil town Bank building is pretty much the same design but with a few new touches. Re-Did some of the furniture and the ATM machines now look standard with built in animation for use.

Dropped the old prim count by half. The Building is now only 32 Land Impact (Not including furniture)

Furniture included - Banker Desk, client chairs, Waiting chairs, ATM Machines, Teller chairs and Teller computers.

Approximate Footprint - 20 x 20

Modify/Copy - 750L

Boo's Office Building

Another one re-built from the ground up using the same design. The main addition is a separate room on the second floor for executives to use.

Lowered the prim count by more than half on this one! Building comes in at only 34 Land Impact (Not including furniture)

Furniture included - Desks, Reception Desk, Conference table and chairs, Break area couches/end table/coffee table, Executive Desk, File Cabinets, Book shelf, Lights

Approximate Footprint - 20 x 20

Modify/Copy - 750L

Boo's Movie Theater

Not much has changed on this one other than some texture re-work.

But I did lower the prim count by over half! 37 Land Impact (not including furniture)

Furniture included - Movie Theater Seats & Movie Posters (modifiable)

Approximate Footprint - 23 x 20

Modify/Copy - 650L

Boo's Warehouse V2

Another built from the ground up, now with two levels!

Prim count stayed very low even with the addition of new parts for the second level. The building is only 35 Land Impact (Not including furniture)

Included - Lights, Crates, Dock platforms

Approximate Footprint - 15 x 20

Modify/Copy - 650L

Boo's Multipurpose Building

This one was never a huge seller but I decided I'd redo it anyway. I was originally designing it based on a library floor plan but It could be used for whatever you like.

Lowered the Prim Count by 1/3. Building comes in at only 69 Land Impact

Furniture included - Lecture chairs (similar to my theater seats but with a different texturing) which are optional depending on what you use it for

Approximate footprint is 40 x 30

Modify/Copy - 450L

New DJ Stations

In addition to the new prefabs I have gone back and rebuilt my Pirate Radio Booth to lower the prim count there as well. The result was two versions of the booth with less land impact!

The older version is 102 prims. The new versions are only 58! New mesh parts were used to build it and the animations have been re-configured. I also really love the textures I used on these new ones

All of my DJ studio stations have been thrown into a holovender on the 3rd floor of my store, so you can rez the one you want to look at!

Phew! that's a lot of releases in one month! And I'm not even done yet! More to come in the second half of February!



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Friday, February 7, 2014

New Release 01-07-14 - Boo-Tree-ful!

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so insanely excited about this product release. In many ways this has been a long time in the making. Something I always wanted to do but held off on doing... until now!

A lot of care has gone into this new product, including new animations and hours of testing. I have fallen in love with it and I hope you will too. I think this is the best thing I have ever produced. 

Boo's Tree of Romance

10 Land Impact / Mod/Copy / Partial Mesh, Partial sculpted!

 3 different flavors! 

You may be looking at this and going... really? A tree? What's so special about a tree? If you are doing that, please come to the store and try it out, because I think once you do you will see the effort that was put in to make this a wonderful all in one romantic product!

Want to just chill under the tree on your own and maybe read a book? you can do it!

Want to hang out with some friends and daydream in the shade, or meditate, or just have a chat? You can do it!

Want to propose to the one you love under the tree? You can do it! Want to get married in the exact same spot with a minister and two witnesses? You can do it!

Want to be adventurous and have some intimate lovemaking under the blowing leaves! The Adult versions have it!

I can't even begin to express how much I love how this has turned out. And I hope you will like it too! And just in time for Valentines day!

Here are a few more images to give you an idea of the love that I put in, so that you could get some love out of it!

Available on the SL Marketplace, and at my main store (in the outdoor section)

Group VIP members save 15% when you wear your group tag!

Have a great weekend all!



Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Releases - Feb 5 2014 - Valentines Edition!

Big month for us! We have a lot of products coming out, 3 of which will be released this week. Some will be limited edition releases for Valentines so make sure you snag them while you can

The Sylvan Hot Tub is Partial Mesh and sells for 1400L, Modify/Copy

Product is Unisex, so Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl couples welcome

We are also releasing a limited edition Valentine version, which will be available only in February. It's also on sale for only 1150L. It's the same tub but with a pink/purple color scheme and 1 additional mesh piece that adds a little valentines to it. 

Our next release is for a limited time, we have Valentines themed version of our very popular Sex Stool! selling for only 650L Modify/Copy

Available with 4 different texture designs and made of mostly Mesh. Just like our previous Sex Stool, this one contains Male/Female and Female/Female menus!

Watch for more new releases this week! In fact check back on Friday! There's something I'm putting out that I am far too excited about!