Friday, January 17, 2014

Out with the old, in with the BOO - New Store, New Features and New Products!

Someone asked me why I put aside 3 days to do a new store renovation. It was because I have been known to have unexpected issues while doing it... Like I did today shortly after I started:

Luckily the magic power of CTRL+Z helped me get it sorted and I finished the store far ahead of schedule!

So Allow me to introduce you to Boo's Furniture & More!

What's new?

- All in store products are Mod/Copy (except scripts and animations) Some transfer products remain available on the Marketplace. These are marked in store with a sign linking to the Marketplace store

- New Vending system

We have moved to the Casper system which I have found much more reliable than the previous system. It also offers the chance to buy as gift! Very handy when we're dealing in Copy products. My set up was extraordinarily easy partly because of how easy and reliable this system is. 

- Redelivery Terminal

Biggest customer service issue I had at the old store: Lost items. Hopefully the Copy format will help with that, and because they are copy products it allows me to offer more ways to get help when I'm not around!

Anything purchased from the new vendor system can be redelivered to you if it gets lost! This should resolve most lost items issues. Unfortunately the redelivery terminal does not apply to old Boo's Bits products. I'm sorry, but it's a different system altogether

- New Gift Certificate system

You can purchase a $500 Gift Certificate and if you want more on it, there is a top up machine that you can use to add to get a higher balance! Just be sure you are wearing your card when you use the terminal. 

And now for the fun stuff! New Products! 4 of them actually! 

This is a product I started almost a year ago, and finally got the chance to finish! The wooden chair is mesh, almost everything else is sculpted! Come and get some schoolgirl bondage fantasy going!

This Kitchen set has had its menu rebuilt, kind of a mix of the original V1 and the old retired Rhrapsody kitchen. It is also a mesh product! Had loads of fun configuring it, hope you enjoy it!

Partial mesh build, with some changes to the animation menu from the first version. Different design of table but same great quality animation menu!

This is a mesh & Sculpted product. The bridge is Mesh and lanterns are sculpts. Better animation menus, but keeping the stuff you liked about the first one. This is the first time I released a Bridge product in Both Unisex and Lesbian format!

I have also released the BDSM Post and BDSM Table as stand alone products, so you don't need to by the Bundle in order to get them. 

Please come to the store to see them and give them a test run! Heck just come to the store and have a peek around! Lots of fun stuff coming soon!


Nynaeve Rhapsody (Nynaboo)

Nynaboo on Twitter: Nynaboos

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