Monday, March 10, 2014

Clearance Items for March

Boo's Couples Couch 
(Both Unisex and Lesbian Versions) 400L off regular price

I am clearing out our best selling Couples Couch as I am preparing to release a new version. The price has been dropped by 400L on both the Unisex and Lesbian versions.

This will be the last chance to get this couch in its current form. Sale will last until one week after I release the new version, so you can at least see both before you purchase

Please note: The new version will be Mesh, lower prim and contain updated animation menus. Texturing will be similar but the couch design is slightly different.

Some animations that are currently in the couples couch will not be in the new version, however the new version will have some animations not included in the current one. So use your best judgment when deciding if you want to wait or buy now!

Boo's Couples Sofa

 The Couples Sofa will not be replaced with a new version. This will be the very last time to purchase it on both the marketplace and in store. I have reduced its price by 300L. It can be found right next to the couples couch.

Pickle's Pub

And on sale and on Clearance, just in time for St Paddy's week, Pickle's Pub Prefab. Selling for 250L down from 1000L! Doesn't get much better than that!



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