Thursday, March 27, 2014

Product Release 03/27/2014 - Couples Couches, Couples Love Seat, Portable DJ Station

Huge Release today!

It has taken a while to catch up after the Sim roll-back a few weeks ago, but I finally finished my new release! This is a pretty elaborate one so this note will be big, but i urge you to at least skim the whole thing.

Also there is an exclusive VIP opportunity available for anyone who wants it, so that can be found near the end of the note card as well!

On with the new releases!

Boo's Couples Couch V2

This is a new Mesh release of the couples couch. But instead of just tossing the engine into a new body I went through and added a few animations, removed a few animations and made an attempt to streamline the options a bit.

Only 2 Prims! Holy Moly!

Unisex Version has 179 Animations and has the launch price of 1500L (Modify/Copy)

Lesbian Version has 125 Animations and has a launch price of 1300L (Modify/Copy)

Boo's Couples Love Seat

This is a companion product to the new Couples Couch. Again I went through and streamlined this loveseat so it is not too bulky on animations but still offers a romantic/intimate experience.

This one is only 2 prims too! Holy Moly! (my new favourite word apparently)

Unisex Version has 120 Animations and a launch price of 1250L (Modify/Copy)

Lesbian Version has 84 Animations and a launch price of 1050 (Modify/Copy)

Living Room Bundles

Boo's Living Room bundle (Only available on the marketplace)

This bundle includes both the Couples Couch V2, the Love Seat and a bonus matching Basic Lapdance chair!

6 prims total to use all three pieces! Moly Holy! (switchin it up!)

The Unisex Bundle sells for 2650L (Modify/Copy)

The Lesbian Bundle sells for 2400L (Modify Copy)

VIP MEMBERS ONLY - Boo's Basic Lapdance Chair

The Lapdance chair is available to everyone if they buy the bundle, but only VIP members can buy it separate!

2 prims again! Oooooooh Myyyyyy!

64 Animations - Only Available in a Unisex version

Available in store only to my VIP members for the low low low low price of 750L!!!

Please note this chair is a basic version, which does not contain as many animations as my standard lapdance chairs. That said, it contains lots more than the original Basic chair I released 4 years ago!

Boo's Portable DJ Station

This particular product was a custom item request I got from a friend. The purpose being to have a Radio studio that he could take with him "on Location" And this is the result!

Partial Mesh it comes to 23 Land Impact (There are 43 prims used to make this item up so the mesh really helps here)

Selling for 650L


All of these products are available now!



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Boo's Furniture in Second Life

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