Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Product Release - Feb 22 2014 - Boo's Rug V3

Our best selling Rug product just got better! Rebuilt, Reconfigured and Reborn! Come check them out!

New Animations, Better menu options, newly configured and a Mesh rug that looks like a rug! On top of all this everything you loved about the original is still here!

Relax on your own, hang out with some friends, spend quality intimate time with your partner or even get adventurous and invite a 3rd party to join in! Single, Friends, Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl and Threesome menus (MMF, MFF, FFF)

The rug includes 268* of the best quality animations. No static poses, no filler animations you will never use. Nothing but the same great quality you expect in a Boo's Menu.

Unlike some other sex furniture on the market, our menus are set up in a progression, so the animation that comes next will always compliment the animation that came before. Enjoy as the intimacy with you and your partner leads somewhere visually rather than have animations listed erratically. Menus like this make sense to us, and we hope they will make sense to you!


11 Land Impact

* Unisex Version - 2000L

Lesbian Version 1600L (162 Animations)

11 Land Impact



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