Friday, February 28, 2014

New Release - 02-28-14 - 2 New Prefabs!

Someone told me today I am obsessed with Radio stations, Theatres and Offices. They're probably right because i have been working on new prefabs of each of those types. 2 of which are now ready!

Boo's Corporate Radio Station

Comes in both Furnished and unfurnished versions. The building itself is only 58 Land Impact. With all furnishings it uses 282. Furniture is animated, doors are scripted to open/close on touch. Footprint is 30x30

Sells for 1000L

Also, if you want a custom sign made, I can do that! Let me know what your call letters are in a notecard (with your purchase information) and I'll be happy to throw it together for you! 

Here are a few more pictures

Boo's Office Building V3

This two story building is only 64 Land Impact, with scripted doors and lights. Lots of office space and a large lobby area. 

30x20 footprint


Here are a few more pictures

Both buildings are Modify/Copy and can be viewed now at my Prefab Rez area!

Come give them a peek! And don't forget VIP members save 15% on all prefabs!

Another new product release coming on Saturday March 1st! Keep your eyes peeled



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